"It's responsive, doesn't slow down your computer, and it's just a great product overall. Highly recommended."


"I have been using this Split Screen Application for five years now and I have to say that my experience has been great .. It's great for anyone sorting multiple files into groups or writing a reaserch paper .. It's great for having word open on the Left side of the screen and having reaserch documents on the Right side .. Easily Copy and Paste without having to bounce back and forth between apps since they are side by side on the same screen .. Thats just one example, In my studies I have found many uses for this Application .. The icon in the Menu Bar makes it quick to change between Left, Right or full screen Center, the short cuts are even faster and customizable .."

"Sammy Eats Dirt"

"Used app for over a year now, really helps when I have more than one document to refer to during conference calls. Has worked flawlessly"


"It is so good to be able to quickly move windows around so my Desktop is organised. Thank you!"


"I have been using this app for several years, and I love it. It is so useful when I am switching between desktops and it resizes perfectly no matter what display I use."


"Needed to work on documents side by side and this allows that to happen without fuss! Great app"


"Does exactly as described for me with never a hiccup so far. Very Convenient & is appreciated."


"SplitScreen does exactly what it should do. I've been chewing on MacOS for a long time and it's just stable and easy to use."


"This is a great app. It really, really helps you to easily and effortlessly organize your widows so that you can be more productive at work. It makes using the computer, in general, much more pleasant. I surely recommend this app, it sure is worth the cost."

"Fernando Klein Rocha"

Thank You Very MUCH for the Practical and Simple Way of using and getting things done in a jiffy..."

"Robiyn Dolphin"

"I am a Microsoft convert and I was a huge fan of the snap feature of Windows. I am glad I found this app and I really wish Apple would make this a perm feature of their OS (maybe they have and I am such a n00b that I don't know about it). Until then, I will use this app every-single-day I use a Mac!!"


Using this app at the beginning I was skeptical. However, it works perfectly. I would recommend this app to anyone.

Bryan Snell

It is a very generous and practical application. I find it very useful to work with two screens at the same time. I have not had any complications with your installation


It's been great using it on my 15 inch MacBook Pro, iMac and Air - recommended!


Don't mind writing a review - it serves me well. Didn't know at beginning need to exit full screen for it to work (developer was available to sort this out). Knowing this, works great and very handy for transferring files between applications. Use it regularly.

Bonzo dog Cake

I have an older Macbook with a large screen, and it's helpful to maximize the amount of screen space I have on here for music projects and video editing. I don't feel the need (or have the space on my desk) to use a secondary monitor, so this makes it even better. Easily the top 5 required programs I use on here.


I do genealogy on Imac 27'' and SplitScreen allows me to display the genealogy software on the left and the internet searches on the right (or vice versa)


love this app so much, i cannot imagine using my MacBook without this app


With the larger screens avialable and incfreasing number of appas open in the background this is a very useful app to arrange the real estate of your screen in a quick and clean way. Using it since quite while and still using it today. Worth every penny.


I use this app when I'm lesson planning, so I can write plans and produce presentation material at the same time. It makes my life so much easier.


Use this app everyday! As a newsletter editor and a teaching college professor this app makes all my documents easier to format. Please keep up the good work!


I have a 2-screen set-up at work, but only one screen at home. This app helps me mimic a 2-screen set up, especially when I need to write something in Word and my notes are in One Note or someplace else. It's easy to use and invaluable. Highly recommended.


I use this app every day! I am a student and it is so helpful to be able to quickly and cleanly split different apps for reading, note taking, email ect. Totally worth the money!


I love this app. I can do two things at once: Homework and youtube. References and typing the paper. textbook and notes


This app is amazing. Coming from a Windows OS which has this function natively, I had become dependent on spliting my screen. Learning the Mac did not have a similar function was disheartening. However, when I found split screen, my only MacOS issue was solve. Thanks for the hardwork.


Split Screen increases my productivity. Once downloaded, you simply open the App in the Launcher. It remains open it the background. Everytime you look at a document, you click the little icon on the top right: "Shrink Left... or Right". That simple. I love it.

Maki Caiman

This app is so necessary, I use it on a regular basis and its such a simple and easy to use program, it helps me with my multitasking and helps me quickly navigate through my laptop with ease. I'm surprised apple hasn't stolen this idea by now and implemented it on all their os by now.

DJ Heavy Money

I'm an appellate attorney who has used this app for years. It comes in handy for reading transcripts and taking notes, and for writing briefs. I don't have room on my desk for multiple monitors, so this app fits the bill.


Its wonderful on my 2010 Macbook Pro because I can't update to the new Sierra OS without replacing my hard-drive. So its great!


This is an awesome app. I recommend setting shortcuts to shrink left, shrink right, and stretch full screen. Split Screen makes it easy to work more efficiently by placing windows side by side.

Austin the trailer

I work as an IT analyst and having the split screen helps me significantly when working! Love it.


This app is great for students who are writing papers or need split screens to do work.


This is such a simple app but I literally don't know what I would do without it.

Tinea pedis


Shinning Star

I often need to work on two documents side by side. This is much better and easier than switching back and forth. Thanks

Thankful Rev

I love this app. It does exactly what it says and does it in a simple to understand and intuitive way. No unnecessary options or add ons to confuse and clutter. Terrific!


I'm used to my windows snapping into half the screen easily and nearly automatically because I have used Windows for a very long time... Now, my iMac can finally do that too! Thank You Split Screen!


I've used it for about a year now. It worked on my old mac and now my new mac without any issues. I'm a grad student and a teacher who writes many papers and lesson plans. This app really helps me to organize the many documents I need open at once and allows me to seamlessly transfer information from research articles to my thesis papers. Wonderful app. Highly recommend.


As a developer, I often need my IDE/Sublime open as I look up syntax. The lack of splitscreen support on Mac infuriated and confused me for such a long time but now I can finally look at two applications without taking the time to resize windows. My only complaint would be that I had to pay money for access to an easy to implement feature that all other OS's have for free. However, if you need a mac for Xcode or Swift, this is a must have.


This app does exaclty what I needed it to do. I was looking for a way to split excel and google on my macbook pro and this product allows me to do that easily.


I'm in graduate school and this program is actually a life saver when it comes to taking notes!! I can download class presentations on the left and take notes on the right!! The greatest find since I started school!!


The ability to have split finder windows is awesome when trying to move files into Dropbox. As a designer, this product works flawlessly with Adobe CC, especially if you have to work between PhotoShop and Illustrator images.

Richard Beatty

Thanks for making this app. Really comes in handy when I am multitasking between programs on my Mac. Keep up the good work.


This app is really my favorite, I enjoy the control + a,s,d. It easily allows me to snap a window into any part of my screen with that command. Only improvement it could use is having the drag and snap action, which this app sadly doesn't have. However, it is still a great app!


This app does what it says it will do and is very easy to use. I have a MacBook Air, and an IMac and it really has made my life easier. Great Value! Love it! Grace

CareerTransitions Coach Grace